About volunteer@psu

This site was created as a way to bring together all of Penn State's service organizations' events and projects. It serves as a place where students can go to learn more about Penn State's service organizations and signup to participate in many of their events. It also serves as a tool for the service organizations to make promotion and signup for their events easier.

This site is sponsored by the Council of LionHearts, which brings together all of the service organization leaders on campus. Its mission is to strengthen and support the community through service and leadership, and to educate the Pennsylvania State University community about the importance of service in improving the lives of others and promoting friendship. Organizations within the Council work collaboratively to raise awareness and interest for service organizations at Penn State, as well as share methods of best practice in an effort to improve all service organizations at Penn State and create a community that values service at Penn State and within the State College community. Please email volunteer@psu.edu if you would like to know more about the Council or the volunteer@psu project.

Many thanks to the Division of Student Affairs and Dr. Burlingame for supporting this project. Thank you to those in Student Affairs Information Technology, and PSU ITS for their assistance. Last, but not least, thank you to the Penn State's Student Red Cross Club - their online signup site was the inspiration for volunteer@psu.